Repository of presentations at EWASS 2015 Special Session 4

Galaxy studies in the mid-infrared from space and ground

Invited Talks

Almudena Alonso-Herrero
The mid-infrared nuclear emission of galaxies at sub-arcsec resolution

Sebastian Hoenig
The dusty environment of AGN under the microscope: Lessens learned from ten years of mid-infrared interferometry

Bernhard Brandl
Extragalactic Science with METIS on the E-ELT

Pablo G. Pérez-González
Understanding the earliest phases of galaxy formation with JWST/MIRI

Dimitra Rigopoulou
Mid Infrared studies of galaxies from space

Contributed Talks

Ismael García-Bernete
The nuclear and extended infrared emission of the Seyfert galaxy NGC 2992 and the interacting system Arp 245

Alina Streblyanska
First mid-Infrared view on inner hundreds pc of the  Andromeda galaxy

Antonio Hernán-Caballero
A model-independent AGN+host decomposition method for mid-infrared spectra

Gabriela Calistro Rivera
Fitting Spectral Energy Distributions of AGN - An MCMC Approach

Omaira González-Martín
Disappearance of the torus at the low-luminosity end in AGN using mid-infrared signatures

Juan Antonio Fernández-Ontiveros
The infrared spectra of AGN with Herschel and Spitzer

Areg Mickaelian
Large IR galaxy sample for studies of nuclear and starburst activity

Martín Herrera Endoqui
Catalog of the morphological features in the Spitzer Survey of Stellar Structure in Galaxies (S4G)

Anuar Khan Ali Franco
Signposts of Co-evolution at high z: properties of Submm-bright QSOs at z~2 their vicinity

Matteo Bianconi
Galaxy activity in rich nearby clusters of galaxies: a view on star formation and AGN

Ciro Pappalardo
Evolution of low FIR luminosities galaxies at z<1

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